Client Overview

Our clients aren't just our clients, they're our friends and colleagues. We work with you to service your business regardelss of what you do and what your goals are. The following are examples of how our work has strengthened the following businesses and how we've directly contributed to their growing success.  



Filabot is a small company that designs plastic extruders for the 3D printing industry. Crowd funded by the Internet at first, Filabot has grown into a global company. This growth wasn't easy and maintaining it isn't either. Filabot has used our services to specify their market, implement systems to streamline their customer support and understand how to best represent themselves as a growing startup. We manage their day to day activities, from customer service support to HR so they can focus on what they do best. 

Stone and Browning Property Management

Stone and Browning has used our services for a variety of reasons. We've worked with them to improve their customer service as well as general operations. Most importantly we developed a plan and process to streamline their business activities. We've helped Stone and Browning organize themselves and directly developed their operational planning so they can continue to grow. Working with Stone and Browning, our full gambit of services have been utilized. 

The Collective

The Collective is a marketing group based in Burlington, VT with projects and partners all over the country. We've helped The Collective shape their brand ID, mange their bookkeeping and helped develop their organizational structure. While they're growing, we're responsible for the daily HR and logistics so they can focus on their individual clients and projects. We continue to consult and work with The Collective in order to give them the best possible insight into where and how to grow, and we have fun along the way.